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LifeSkillsDotcom helps School, College and University graduates realize their business potential through business training and incubation. Applicants are helped to choose careers suitable to their area of interest and training. This is achieved by helping the applicants to discover their inbuilt talents, identify a business opportunity related to their interest and talent. The business idea/opportunity is natured through expert training, developed to a business idea, which is further incubated. The result is a small business that individuals can depend on to create jobs for themselves and others while on a trajectory to wealth creation.

LifeSkillsDotcom will work jointly with JKUAT Enterprises Limited at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (Main Campus Juja)

Training Modules

Applicants are taken through the following stages:

  • Self discovery:

The American English Dictionary defines self-discovery as follows: “a becoming aware of one’s true potential, character, motives, etc.” In this stage the applicant will be assisted in ”Identification of an opportunity/business idea

  • Practical Training

Applicants will get relevant Technical skills in the area(s) of interest. A wide area of business ideas will be available. Applicants will be assisted to choose suitable area(s) of their interest that suit their career choice(s).

LifeSkillsDotcom has partnered with technical and vocation experts to deliver the promise.

  • Business incubation

Potential trainees will undergo the following steps after getting the technical skills:

  1. pre-incubation stage(relates to the overall activities needed to support the potential entrepreneur in developing his business idea, business model and business plan, to boost the chances to arrive to an effective start‐up creation).
  2. incubation stage (support given to the entrepreneur from the start-up to the expansion phase). Attachment to relevant technical and business areas will be arranged.
  3. post-incubation or SME stage

Start-up and take-off – the entrepreneur will have identified sources of capital, legal and government requirements to run a small scale business (SME). Mentoring by experts will be carried out to ensure that the business is ready to “walk on its feet”.

Training areas

  1. Chemical and Agro-processing manufacturing
  2. Business and Sales Management
  3. Vocational training
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